Unleash the power of your SIS

Archboard builds apps to extend your student information system affordably and transparently. Empower your school or district to do more with less.


“I started Archboard because I saw bad trend in software for schools. Opaque pricing, unnecessary contracts and poor implementation are just a few of the frustrating aspects I'm setting out to change.”

Grant Holle, Founder of Archboard

About Archboard

On a mission to empower schools

Archboard is a software company that builds open-source web apps that extend the use of PowerSchool. We believe in making technology accessible and affordable for all schools, and our transparent pricing models make it easy for schools to choose the apps they need without worrying about hidden fees. Our open-source apps are available for anyone to use and modify, providing a cost-effective and customizable solution for schools.

Archboard's flagship app helps manage parent-teacher conferences. It's a feature-rich app that has been in production for three years and has helped school admins configure conferences faster and parents book easier and simpler.

It's time to reintroduce modernity to software for educational institutions. Join us on our journey of disruption.