Putting people first

Archboard was founded on the idea that software for educational institutions could be better. In everything we do, people are the priority.

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Our Motivation

Does this sound familiar?

You're looking for some software that will improve a process you have. You are able to find a few products that almost do what you need.

Their pricing is opaque or nonexistent without contacting their sales staff.

After the multiple meetings with sales reps (nothing against sales reps) and signing a 3-year contract, there's still an implementation period. They also make you pay for training.

We've been there. Archboard is different.

You'll always be treated with respect. You can find the features of our tools, play with a demo of the tool, know exactly how much it will cost and have the ability to walk away whenever you want. Implementation costs? None. Want to see all of the documentation at any time, even before you buy? Absolutely.

We won't waste your time. Find what you want, ask questions when you need to, buy when you're ready and walk away when you're done. Simple and hassle-free.

Our mission

Equip schools to do more with less.

School procedures, methods and requirements are constantly changing. Unfortunately, the software they use doesn't keep up or is too expensive for schools with smaller budgets. International schools are often left out of mostly U.S.-based solutions. We're here to change that.

Software for education has been around for a long time. We think it hasn't kept up with modern web and application standards. We've set out to challenge the status quo for the software that supports educational institutions. These are the things for which that we aspire:

  1. Put people first, no exceptions.
  2. Never compromise quality.
  3. Provide affordable solutions without a contract (ever).
  4. Prioritize privacy and security.
  5. Place simplicity over complexity.
  6. Communicate clearly and respectfully.
  7. Strive to be better humans.

For too long, buying education software tools has been a complicated, time-consuming mess. We want to give you the power to make a decision about what you need and when. We respect you too much not to.

We’re here for you

Is there something we're missing? A tool you need but can't find? Let us know how we can help you be a hero for your school.


The web and web-based software have become crucial to our society, including for educational institutions. For the sake of our future leaders, I'm committed to providing quality, affordable software tools so schools can focus their time and money on things that make a difference for our world.

Grant Holle

Grant Holle

Founder of Archboard