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Tidal PTC

Streamline your parent-teacher conferences

Tidal PTC allows you to give guardians the flexibility they need when reserving time slots with teachers. A simple solution that saves you time and energy when organizing parent-teacher conferences. Multiple languages? Assign translators to reserved time slots for better accessibility for your guardians.

"Tidal PTC is very user friendly and because of this, parents can make meeting appointments with teachers without asking others for help. Teachers can also download schedules from the app so it automates the process which saves both the teachers and the parents lots of time."

Marketing, Admissions, and Communications Manager
Chengdu International School
Tidal PTC interface
Sonar FMS
Coming Soon

Lightning fast invoice publishing

A fee management system to compile invoices to let guardians view and pay them. Track a student's fees across each academic year. Feel confident about your school's receivables with transparent accountability.

Sonar FMS interface
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