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A better way to manage fees

Create and send invoices. Collect payments for student fees. Track account balances and have a reliable picture your school's receivables.

Introducing Sonar FMS

Sonar FMS (fee management system) gives you the ability to manage all things related to fees simply and quickly.

Free yourself from the spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are a Swiss Army knife when it comes to quickly tracking data. The problem is that they can get misplaced and are difficult to persist with staffing changes.

Generate invoices fast

Select students and create invoices en masse or create them individually for greater control. Upload a spreadsheet and get the best of both worlds.

See the whole picture

View a summary of account balances. Get the bottom line of what's been paid and what is still owed. Parents can have full access to their own histories.

Persistent record keeping

Persist student invoices for the entirety of a student's career. View past invoices and payments to feel confident about account balances.
Sonar FMS create invoice screen

Flexibility when it counts

Guardians can always stay in-the-know when it comes to their account balances. They can make payments when it's convenient for them, saving you time in the day-to-day.

PowerSchool integrated

Pull student and guardian data from PowerSchool so you can worry about the numbers and not enrollment. Leave data wrangling to us. Need to add students ad-hoc? That's ok, too.

District reporting

Have the ability for district administrators to see numbers across all the district's schools. Let the admins generate the reports they need without lifing a finger.

Dark mode

For the more particular, like us, an interface capable of dark and light mode is a great perk. Sonar FMS comes ready with a dark mode.
Sonar FMS student screen

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