Conference scheduling you dream about

With some clicks of the mouse, Tidal PTC offers you the ability to set up and manage time slots for all your teachers simultaneously, letting guardians choose times that work for them.

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Tidal PTC app screenshot

Spend less time in spreadsheets

Lose the clunky, out-of-date spreadsheets. Tidal PTC has the features and safety you need to manage parent-teacher conferences.

Forget importing and managing accounts. All data is sourced from PowerSchool.
The interface is available in English, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.
You can have teachers manage their own availability, or admins can do it for them.
Full control
Open and close reservations at any time, or set a schedule to do it automatically.
Guardians and teachers receive emails when reserving or changing slots.
Translator support
Allow guardians to request translators, then manage translator schedules.
View schedules using a calendar view, or export everything as a spreadsheet.
Zoom ready
Time slots can be configured to meet online or in person.
International School of Qingdao

What once used to be a slow, grinding process of administrative functions, technological hoop jumping, and customer support and troubleshooting has now been reduced to a world-class system that’s flawlessly working in a matter of minutes. In a few short clicks parents schedule meetings, teachers know who’s coming, and administrators are now coordinating all of this saving them hours of time, allowing them to add value to Parent Teacher Conferences in new ways.

Wesley Marketing, Admissions, and Communications Director - International School of Qingdao


Forget about "contact us" pricing

We're fed up with mystery prices, annoying sales teams and long-term contracts.


$49 /month/school

Tenancies are managed at the district level. Only pay for the schools that want the app. Cancel anytime.

  • Unlimited users and students

  • 30-day, zero commitment trial

  • Manage your own schools

  • Cancel anytime without penalties

Private managed

$99 /month/school

Get the maintenance-free experience of cloud with better performance.

  • Unlimited users and students

  • Better geographical and computing performance

  • Custom domain support

  • Up and running in 30 minutes


$1,999 /year

For those districts who want more control and have the capacity to manage their own instance. No limits on the number of schools.

  • Unlimited schools, users and students

  • No annual commitment

  • Fully integrated with PowerSchool

  • "One-click" installation

Want to see all the features? Check out the demo.

Frequently asked questions

These are the answers to the most asked questions. We try to be as flexible as possible. If you don't see your answer let us know.

Which plans get a free trial?
Both the Cloud and Private Managed plans have a 30-day trial. Due to the nature of self hosted applications, free trials aren't available with the Self Hosted plan. We encourage you to explore the demo app to get a realistic feel of what Tidal PTC can do. If you purchase the self hosted plan and are unsatisfied, please contact [email protected] within the first 30 days to get a full refund.
Am I charged per student or user?
With the Self Hosted plan, you purchase the app and have unlimited schools/users/students. Since you're providing the hardware, there's no reason to charge you based on your usage. The Cloud and Private Managed plans are charged per school only, not by students or users. It's just simpler.
What integrations are available?
Right now Tidal PTC only integrates with PowerSchool. If you have a need for another SIS, let us know.
What payment methods are supported?
All major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, and Union Pay are accepted. Prices are charged in US Dollars.
What happens if I cancel?

If you cancel before the end of your trial (Cloud and Private Managed), you can continue using the application until the end of the billing cycle and will not be charged. If you cancel after your trial has ended, you can still use the application until the end of the billing cycle. You may choose to cancel immediately after initially flagging your subscription as cancelled. You will receive a prorated refund of your remaining subscription amount.

If you cancel your Self Hosted plan, you will receive updates until the end of the billing cycle, after which you can continue using the application but will not receive any updates after the billing cycle ends.

What's the difference between Clound and Private Managed?

The Cloud plan is our central Software as a Service (SaaS) application. The server hardware is shared across all subscribers and is based out of San Fransisco in the USA. The feature set is identical across all plans.

A Private Managed subscription will be a cloud application managed by us that is yours exclusively. You have a choice of a server location between New York, San Fransisco, Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, or Bangalore. Private Managed plans also support the ability to use a custom domain instead of one our subdomains. If you don't have or want to use your own domain, that is also fine.

What are the requirements for the Self Hosted plan?
Tidal PTC runs on a simple Ubuntu Server instance. You will need the ability to send emails via SMTP and provide those credentials. You will also need your own domain with DNS set up properly. We set up the webserver configuration on the server during installation, but your DNS needs to be configured properly.
How do I install the Self Hosted plan?
After providing some initial configuration details, we give you a simple copy-and-paste command that sets up the server dependencies and installs the application for you. We try to make it as painless as possible. No extensive command line experience is required.

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